The Cracked Spine (Scottish Bookshop Mystery Book 1) by Paige Shelton

The Cracked Spine


3.75 Stars rounded to 4

Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have always wanted to go to Scotland, and this book instantly takes me there.  I can hear the bagpipes in the distance and the murmuring in the pubs.  Carrington MacDuffie was an incredible narrator.  At times, this listener had a difficult time realizing that there was only one narrator.  The narrator definitely brought this book to life!  I had some issues with the main character, Delaney and the supporting characters.  Delaney is the new kid in town yet everyone readily gives her information that could be deemed confidential.

The Cracked Spine is the first book in this series.  This book is well written and is definitely a cozy mystery where one can easily get lost in the Cracked Spine bookstore.  The characters were flushed out and many minor characters will hopefully have their own HEA.  Delaney Nichols is laid off from her job in Wichita, Kansas, and after a 90 minute interview with Edwin MacAlister is offered a job in Edinburgh, Scotland at his book and rare manuscript shop.  Delaney jumps at the chance even though she knows absolutely nothing of Scotland.  Delaney immediately befriends her taxi driver, Elias and his wife, Aggie, who offer her a flat behind their home. It seems everywhere that Delaney turns she meets a friend, although she was not able to do so in Kansas.

Before she even gets settled into her new place, Edwin’s sister, Jenny, has been murdered.  Unfortunately, Edwin has entrusted his sister who has fought drug addiction for the majority of her adult life with an extremely rare manuscript.  Now Jenny is dead and the manuscript is missing.  Delaney takes it upon herself to attempt to solve the mystery of who killed Jenny.  Delaney befriends other employees at the Cracked Spine and begins to question if any of her co-workers, including her boss, may have committed the crime.

The Cracked Spine is an interesting read, and the author did an excellent job of taking the reader on a slow ride to Scotland.  Ms. Shelton portrays the supporting characters to be friendly, hospitable, and caring people.  As I mentioned I have never been to Scotland but have been told that the citizens embrace newcomers or tourist with open arms.  Very seldom do I read I book where I know exactly who the culprit is until the end.  This one one of those books where the plot kept thickening until the end.  I will be waiting in anticipating of the next book in this series, which isn’t scheduled to be out until 2017 – that’s an extremely long wait!


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