After the Kiss (Sex, Love, & Stilettos Book 1) by Lauren Layne

Sex Love

3.25 Stars

After the Kiss is the first book in Sex, Love, & Stilettos series.  This is my first book by this author.   For a chick lit, I really liked this author’s style although the storyline was one that has been played out numerous times.  The story and the ending were predictable but was a fun and fast read.

Julie Greene loves flings.  While she loves first kisses, first dates, and the occasion first romp, she is the love em and leave em type until she meets Mitchel Forbes.  Julie works for a magazine and is one of the senior journalist.  Her task is to write an article on going from dating to the I do phase in a relationship.  Trouble is Julie does not have any personal experience in this department.  Her best buddies who also works for the magazine decides that Jule should find a man for her “research”.   Julie sets her sights on Mitchell to be the perfectly boring candidate.  Mitchell is the exact opposite of the type of guy that Julie would normally sink her claws into.  He is “”Mr. Wallstreet”, wears glasses, likes to read as a hobby (gasp), and likes to run.  Mitchell also has a scheme with the Ms. Greene as bait.  His colleaguehas offered him prime baseball stadium tickets in exchange for hooking up with Julie but not getting to involved.  In exchange, Mitch is to relinquish his prime office space if he decides to make the relationship permanent.

For the first half of this book, I found Julie to be self-centered and a snob.  I did not like her at all and especially did not like her boss Camille.  I found Mitch to be an enjoyable character and hoped that he would not change his ways for Julie.  Towards the middle of the book, I began to understand Julie from a totally different angle.  I will continue with this series and see if the other two books are as predictable as this one.

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