Irresistible Force (K-9 Rescue #1) by DD Ayers

Irrestible Force

4 stars

How much can one person take in their life – apparently Shay Appleton can!  This book included major angst between Shay and Officer James Cannon.  I am not sure who I liked and admired the most – James or his canine partner, Bogart.  Bogart was a sweetheart of a dog but could tear a limb off if commanded to do so.  I really liked how James and Bogart knew each other and could immediately tell if moods changed or there was a problem yet to surface.

Shay has had a tough life due to an incident when she was just 14.  At 26, she is still tormented by her past and just wants to lead a normal life.  She has definitely made some choices that just add to her misery.  Shay had an ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a bank executive, an ex-girlfriend of James’ who happened to not like Bogart, and then there is James who after a few short encounters wants to right Shay’s world.   And, the majority of Shay’s current woes began when Bogart was kidnapped and brought to the animal shelter where Shay just happened to be volunteering.

This could have been a 5 star book for me if it weren’t so detailed and long on Shay’s issue with Erick, her ex.  Some of the issues were unbelievable, especially when it came to Shay’s past and the fact that Erick kept stalking her even after his engagement to another was splattered all over the local papers.  I also didn’t see the love interest between James and Shay – friends with benefits perhaps.   This reader did find enough interest to continue with this series and see where it goes.


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