Dark Side of the Moon (Dark Hunter #9) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Side of the Moon

4.5 Stars

Dark Side of the Moon is the 9th installment of the Dark Hunters series.  Werehunter Ravyn was kidnapped in his cat form and handed out to Susan, who just happens to be allergic to cats.  Both Ravyn and Susan are very lonely.  Susan has lost her family, and Ravyn’s family has disowned him.  Susan is a reporter who has fallen from grace due to a prior story.   Both were framed for murder and are on the run.

The world building has already been established in prior installments, so I would definitely suggest that this series is read in order.   The building between Susan and Ravyn was slower than for other couples.  Other characters that were put on the back burner were briefly mentioned. Nick returns but is not the carefree man that he has been, and I really wanted to slap him.  I could also do without Artemis and her ritual of getting Ash in her bed.  This is Holter Graham’s first book to narrate this series.  I prefer him over Fred. Berman.


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