Pack Challenge (Mangus Pack #1) by Shelly Laurenston


Pack Challenge

3.5 stars

I received this book from Tantor in exchange for an honest review.

I am not quite sure how to even begin this review. I finished a few days  ago and am still processing it.  The storyline was ok but not great.   In this humble reader’s opinion, the secondary charcters played out like a list of whose who.  I felt that several of the so called “friends” were not needed and distracted from the storyline.  I must be on to something, because this is my third biker book in less than a month.  I find this odd since I never have felt compelled to read anything about bikers and even less about motorcycle clubs.

All Zach Sherridan wanted was to become alpha male of his pack, and certainly, a needy female was not part of this equation.  Because of Sara Morrighan’s past, all that she could hope for was to have a few friends but certainly not a boyfriend.  Sara quickly realizes that her life can be totally different if she is with Zach.  I really disliked Miki, Sara’s best friend who did not have a filter and said exactly what was on her mind.  I also found Sara to be snotty,boring, and an aggressive drunk.  Sara’s bad behavior was deemed normal since after all, she was coming into her She Wolf phase.  No excuse should have been covered up for her rude obnoxious behavior.   The performance by the narrator definitely made this book more enjoyable.  I will continue to listen to the next book in this installment but not sure if I will continue the series after book 2.


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