One Wish (#7 in Thunder Point series) by Robyn Carr

One Wish

4.25 stars

This is #7 in the Thunder Point series and so far one of my favorites.  The narrator, Therese Plummer is outstanding and is one of my favorite narrators.  This installment takes the reader back to Thunder Point where we meet Grace, a former Olympic skater that wants to blend in with the town folk.  So far, she has not been recognized and is the proud owner of Thunder Point’s one and only flower shop.  Grace’s friend, Iris, who is the guidance counselor at the local high school has recently gotten married to her longtime sweetheart who we meet in book 6 – The Homecoming.  Troy, who is the high school history teacher, dated Iris for a short time.

Apparently, Izzy, aka Grace, was one of the most popular figure skaters in the world before she decided to hang up her skates and dabble in the flower business.

Grace and Troy begin a romance and Grace slowly unravels her past.  When Grace unexpectedly confronts her estranged mother, Troy is apprehensive that he will never be able to give her what she deserves.

Lately, I have been coming back to this series.  I am also in the middle of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series.  Most of the reviews that I have found prefer VR, but I am finding that I personally prefer the quaint town of Thunder Point, Oregon the best.  There was a very short time in this book that I wanted to slap Troy in the back of his head but this feeling quickly passed.  I do wish that slightly more detail would have been included on Payton and Scott’s wedding.  From all accounts, it was a glorious setting.


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