The Homecoming (#6 in Thunder Point Series) by Robyn Carr

The Homecoming

4 stars

Book 6 in the Thunder Point series and Thunder Point Oregon is still going strong.  In this installment, two new characters of Thunder Point are introduced – Iris and Seth.  While Seth was mentioned in book 6, not much detail was given.  Seth was destined for fame and fortune.  Unfortunately a tragic accident, took Seth’s career as a pro-football player away.  Seth decides to return home to begin a new career as sheriff since Mac was promoted.  Seth and his father have been estranged for many years, and Seth knows that returning home to win back is father is not going to be an easy task.  Seth also has to win back his ex-best friend and neighbor, Iris.  Due to poor communication 17 years ago, neither have spoken.

While I have really enjoyed this series, this one felt a little off.  The other folks in Thunder Point were barely mentioned.  I also found in hard to believe that Seth would not have spoken to Iris to find out why she broke off their friendship.  17 years seems a bit long to carry a grudge.  All in all, I still love the series and plan on reading book 7 soon.



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