Sinners Creed (Sinners Creed #1) by Kim Jones

Sinners Creed

4.5 stars rounded to 5

Thanks to Tantor for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is my first biker/motorcycle club read.  I found this to be enjoyable and will continue with the series.  I do want to issue a warning that there is explicit sex throughout the book.  This book is definitely not a young adult read.  While this book is deemed a romance, there is so much more.  This book brought me happiness, sadness, and a sense of awe.  This is a story of how one man fought his way in life as a boy and now as a man.

Dirk Dixon was dropped off at an early age and was molded into a shoulder for Sinners Creed.  The club is all that Dirk has known and will die for his brothers.   He hated his childhood and how his grandfather treated him but later embraced it.  He carries out anything that is required of him from the club and will die trying.  He is now Sinners Creed’s top enforcer.

Dirk meets Saylor over the course of several years.  When Saylor ask Dirk to take her away, he didn’t hesitate even though this is against club protocal. Saylor and Dirk are total opposites and are attracted to each other immediately.  Saylor is young and beautiful, and Dirk is a badass.

The reader is introduced to secondary characters who will be introduced in other books.  This book is not a cutsy romance and the turn of events was rather surprising.  I couldn’t wait to read more but then didn’t want to because the outcome didn’t appear promising. The narrator was very strong and made Dirk and Saylor come to life.

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