The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran

3 ***


I really enjoyed this book especially the first half which took place in India. This is not your typical historical fiction. Emmaline and her parents were making the long trek from England to India so that Emmaline could marry her lifelong fiancé. Tragedy struck and all passengers, with the exception of Emmaline went down with the ship. At a young and vulnerable age, Emma was alone in the world. Emma was rescued by men and taken to her fiancé. Unfortunately, the citizens of Dubai did not receive Emma, because they assumed that she was now “tainted”. There was immediate tension between Emma and her fiancé. 

The hero of this story is not Emma’s fiancé but his cousin Julian, who is half Indian and heir to an English Duke. Knowing that an uprising is in the works, Julian helps Emma escape. This book is raw and often intense. The writing is well prepared and the characters appear real. 

I did have some issues with some scenes that just didn’t make sense. There were also parts in the book that were very slow. I did love all of the detail, especially in describing India and the culture. I will definitely check out more book written by Ms. Duran.


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