Moonlight Road (Virgin River #10) by Robyn Carr

Moonlight Road

3.5 stars

Welcome back to Virgin River!  This is the 10th installment of Robyn Carr’s very popular Virgin River series.  Dr. Aiden Riordan has recently left the Navy and is unsure of what he wants to do with the rest of his life.  He decides that a change of pace will do him good and heads to Virgin River to be close to his family.  On one of his daily hikes, he stumbles across Erin Foley’s renovated cabin.  Erin is a partner with her law firm and is taking a much needed vacation.  She mistakes “mountain man” Dr. Riordan as homeless.  Due to a scare, Aaron has a slight accident, and the good doctor takes her the ER to be examined.

Erin is the sister of Marcie lives outside of Virgin River.   Erin can be very uptight and too focused on work to enjoy the life that she has created for herself.  Unfortunately, Erin had to raise her siblings at a young age and now that all are busy with their own lives, leaves Erin at a crossroad.  Aiden brings some baggage into the relationship and didn’t even realize it until the issue becomes out of control.

Jack and Mel are also front and center again in this installment.  This reader was glad to see familiar characters but did feel that some of Mel’s story took away from the actual characters in this installment.  One issue that I am having with the latter books is the storyline is taking a slight detour.  Many of the newly introduced characters are not current residents of Virgin River and only there for a short time.  I am really interested in supporting characters that have lived and established themselves in VR.  I do like how the majority of characters are older and are not in their early 20’s. As I am waving bye to the VR area, I am looking forward to returning.




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