Texas Thunder (Rebel Moonshine #1) by Kimberly Raye

Texas Moonshin

3.5 stars


Thanks to Tantor  for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Set deep in the heart of Texas, this book had all of the making to be a great read.  Two families, the Sawyers and the Tuckers have been feuding for generations.  After a fight between the two families, the Texas Thunder recipe was torn in half to be lost forever.

Fast forward to a decade later, Callie Tucker and Brett Sawyer begin dating in high school, which ends in disaster.  When Callie’s parents were killed in a tragic accident, Callie and her two sisters are dumped off with their grandfather.  Callie had to grow up fast since she was the oldest.  All grown up, Callie is still protecting her sisters but not doing much for herself.

Callie’s grandfather died and left the girls penniless.  Callie takes the family finances upon herself in attempts to save the family ranch.  Brett had to return back home to run his pappy’s ranch when Pappy was stricken with Alzheimer’s.  Callie was approached with a proposition and one that if carried out could save her family’s ranch.  This proposition will require that Callie and Brett work together.  Callie is not sure that she can go through with seeing Brett, especially when she is proud of her family roots.

All of the characters in Texas Thunder were heartfelt and prideful.  I liked Callie but wanted to smack her at times for letting her sisters walk all over her.  I did not like either one of her sisters as they were very disrespectful to Callie and treated her like she was expected to cover their backs.  I eventually began to like Brett.  He was not what he appeared to be at the beginning of the book.   There were also some unanswered questions at the end of the book that left me puzzled.  I have not listened to anything from Rebecca Estrella, but I will definitely look for more books that she has narrated.






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