Hillbilly Rock star (Black Top Cowboys #6) Lorelei James

Hillbilly Rock Star

4.5 Stars

I really enjoyed reading this book.   Country star heartthrob Devin McClain has attracted star crazed fans and is in need of a bodyguard.  When one of the band members was roughed up, Devin decides to hire a bodyguard from a highly reputable security company.  As luck would have it, the bodyguard is an ex. military female who happens to be the sister of an acquaintance from Muddy Gap.

Liberty and Devin started out as employer and employee, but shortly after the tour began, they became much more.  Rather than telling the band members and groupies that Liberty was a bodyguard, both used the premise that Liberty was his personal assistant.

This was a typical Lorelei James book that included hot romance and even hotter males.  I really enjoyed this installment of Black Top Cowboys.  My rating is 4.5 stars as there were some sections that I found a little off.  I’m looking forward to the next installment.



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