Turn and Burn (Black Top Cowboys #5) by Lorelei James

Turn and Burn


Turn and Burn begins two years after the last installment – One Night Rodeo.  Tanna’s mother has passed away and her family’s ranch has been sold. Tanna Barker was at the top of her game as a three time world champion barrel racer when tragedy struck.  Tanna lost everything and decides to lick her wounds by accepting a temporary job in Wyoming.  Luck would have it that her sexy one night stand just happens to be the vet whose practice is big stock animals.  Since Fletch is a favorite veterinarian and doesn’t have anyone working with him, he stays extremely busy.  His lifestyle does not have room for a woman longer than a one night stand.  As luck would have it, Fletch is enamored with Tanna and wants to have that happy ever after moment.   Unfortunately, Tanna has plans of her own, which does not include making permanent residence in Muddy Gap.

Fletch is forced to take a six week vacation, which gives him the opportunity to stay in the same resort where Tanna is working and living.  While both Tanna and Fletch are hot, the sex is even hotter.  Both begin to see each other in a different light.  Tanna must make her decision to either move on or stay in Muddy Gap.  Being offered a chance of a lifetime doesn’t make Tanna’s decision any easier.

I loved both Tanna and Fletch.  Tanna had to overcome obstacles after her accident and is a very strong character but is very tender hearted.  She would be an excellent friend to have but don’t expect Tanna to open up and share her feelings unless she sees fit.  Celia, who we met in book 4, is Tanna’s best friend.  She is the one who convinced Tanna into coming to Wyoming and work with Eli.  Eli is nothing short than a horse whisper and feels that he can help Tanna overcome her fear of horses and riding.

I also liked Fletch, who was a sexy alpha male.  He brings out the best in Tanna and wants more than just a sex buddy.  Although Fletch is well aware that Muddy Gap is only temporary for Tanna, he wants to see their relationship to the end.  The one problem that I had with Fletch is his nickname for Tanna – Sugar Twang.  Although this does fit Tanna, I found myself rolling my eyes on several occasions.  I listened to this one on audio and really liked the narrator.  I am sure that she also was rolling her eyes.

I did like the fact that Tanna and Fletch were open with each other.  Both knew what they wanted and were not bashful especially during sex.  There were definitely some hot moments between these two in and out of the sheets.   Secondary characters in this installment were also mentioned.  So far, this is one of my favorite books in the series and I am looking forward to the next book.



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