Immortal (Fallen Angels #6) by JR Ward


3.75 rounded to 4

Immortal is the sixth and final book of the Fallen Angels series.  I really enjoyed this series up until the last couple of books.  I have been putting this one off but wanted to wrap up the series.   While I’m glad to be done, I am disappointed with the ending of this series.  Seven soul’s seven crossroads and only six books!

Jim’s determined to protect Sissy who has been in hell.  Jim has a dilemma to either protect Sissy or to play the game.  In Sissy, Devina has found Jim’s weakness.   The only hope for Jim’s survival is true love. While this reader is a romantic and prefers true love over evil, the love triangle between these two centered on borderline gag reflexes.

Had it not been for this particular author, I may not have started this series.  However, I love BDB and was hoping to see the same high energy.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I am still glad that I started and completed the series!


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