How to Rope a Real Man (Catcher Creek #3)

How toBy Melissa Cutler

4.5 stars rounded to 5

How to Rope a Real Man is the third and final book in the Catcher Creek series.  This book held me from start to finish.  I have been anxiously waiting for Jenna’s story, and Melissa Cutler did not disappoint.  We got a glimpse into Jenna’s past in book 1, but not much was told.  As a teenager, Jenna had a wild past and ended up pregnant.  Jenna refuses to tell anyone, even her sisters, who her son’s father is.  All that she wants to do is protect her son, and the only way that she knows how is to leave their small town.  Jenna has been going to college at night, and as soon as she completes her degree plans on leaving.

Jenna and her sisters have managed to save their family farm by hiring Matt.  Matt is everything that Jenna would want in a man, but she has vowed to push men aside in order to protect her son.  Matt has vowed to stay away from any woman with a child, and he has been burned too many times with women.  Matt also has a past that he is trying to keep secret.  The author takes the reader on a bumpy ride until both Matt and Jenna’s secrets are uncovered.  When Jenna’s son’s dad rides into town, Jenna may need to make her getaway plans sooner.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers of who Jenna had her fling with or dive into Matt’s hidden past.  Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, I do suggest that you read the books in order to gain a better understanding of the potential farm foreclosure, meeting the two sisters, and then Jenna’s wild ride.  This book was a perfect ending, to the Sorentino sisters struggles in keeping their rundown New Mexico ranch and for finding love in the most unusual circumstances.



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