Midnight Heat (Midnight Cowboys #3)

Midnight Heat

3 stars

Cat Johnson

Special Thanks to Kensington Book via Netgalley for the advance reading copy given in exchange for an honest review.

This is book 3 in the Midnight Cowboys series.  Very seldom do I read a series out of order.  Since this was for a review, I opted to read book 3 first.   Apparently, the supporting characters were given more identities in the first two series.

Justin Skaggs and his mother have suffered two strategies in a short period of time.  Justin was devastated when his brother was killed in Afghanistan.  Justin is now thrown into taking care of his depressed mother.  Needing a short break, Justin decides to take a road trip.  His boss and friend, Rohn, has asked him for a favor (with pay of course).  Justin is now on a mission to pick up Rohn’s fiancée’s belongings from her house in Arizona and bring back to Oklahoma.  Rather, Justin runs into Phoenix Montagno, a first grade teacher.

Phoenix is on a mission herself.   As an adoptee, Phoenix has never been interested in searching for her biological parents.  However, luck would have it, that she now has her biological mother’s name.  She now has her mother’s address and drives from California to Phoenix, AZ.  Running into Justin and becoming interested was not in the deck of cards.  The chemistry between the two was evident and made for an enjoyable read.

The writing was simple and flowed well.  I really liked Justin.  Although he was young, he had life experiences and did all that he could to help his mom and Phoenix.  I also liked Phoenix but at times appeared to be more of a teenager than an adult.  I may not follow this series but will definitely look for more books by this author.



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