Divided In Death (#18 In Death Series)

Divided in Death

By JD Robb

4.75 stars

Very impressive series, especially to be this engaged with #18 in the series!  This series just gets better and better.  Just when I think I found my favorite book, the next one is even better.  So far, all of the plots have been different and very engaging.  I love the narrator, and she has a wow factor that brings all of the characters to life.  I love it when Eve and Roarke work together, but I was a little worried for them as a couple.  In the end, the love between Eve and Roarke became stronger than ever.

The plot was exciting and fresh.  Reva Ewing stepped into a world of trouble when deciding to confront her cheating husband with her best friend.  What she wasn’t expecting was to walk in on both murdered and staged in a precarious situation.  Rather than calling the police, Reva calls her mother who happens to work for Roarke Enterprises.  Based on Eve’s findings, she believes Reva to be innocent.  All of the clues point to the murder as a set-up.




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