To Tempt a Seal (Sin City Seals #1)

To Tempt a Seal

By Sara Jane Stone

3.5 stars

I went into this book with no expectations and actually read for a challenge.  The writing was very good as well as the storyline.  What I didn’t like was the cheesy ending.  The end of the book appeared to be hurried as if the author was trying to rush to complete.  The characters were well played and the sizzling heat between the two was unmistakable.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is apparent for our two characters.  Lucia has been haunted by her past for years thanks to her foster father.  Her face is disfigured, and people tend to stare or run.  Lucia sees a perfect opportunity to attend a mascaraed ball in Vegas to look for a hot man to carry out her fantasies.  If she plays her cards right, she will have her fantasy week-end.  Lucia decides to tell her sister, which was her first mistake.

Cade is a Seal on vacation whose father just happens to live in Vegas.  Cade is given easy orders by Lucia’s sister, who just happens to be Cade’s best friend.  Since the girls rarely see each other, Lucia has no idea who Cade is when he attempts to pick her up at the ball.  This reader is not quite sure how Cade knew who Lucia was since she was wearing a mask to cover her scar.  Cade’s orders were strictly to locate Lucia and protect her for the week-end.  The hookup did not include sex with Lucia.  Cade is mesmerized by Lucia when her mask falls off while getting down to business.  Not only did Cade disobey orders, but he also fell for Lucia.  Cade knows what the military can do to relationships.  He has vowed never to fall In love, but after a passionate week-end with Lucia he begins to change his mind.

On the last day of their hot romance, Lucia overhears Cade on the phone with her sister.  Lucia is furious that both of them lied to her and flees home to Tennessee.  I felt that Lucia forgave both Cade and her sister too easily.  I also found in unbelievable that Cade could fall so fast in such a short time for someone that he barely knows.  Perhaps, Lucia has qualities that Cade finds in her sister.  Another unbelievable moment is that Lucia has no clue who her sister’s best friend is.  Even though the sisters live hundreds of miles apart, one would think that Cade’s name would eventually pop up.

I will continue with this series since I love reading Seal books.  I’m not sure how the story will go since the only other supporting character is Lucia’s sister.


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