Angel’s Peak (Virgin River #9)

Angel's Peak


By Robyn Carr

4 stars

I have really enjoyed this series so far and have given the majority of the books 5 stars.  Unfortunately, this one fell short for me.   The plot is one that is not new, and I just couldn’t relate to either the hero or the heroine.  Sean and Franci were a hot item until 4 years ago.  Franci wanted marriage and children.  Sean was not ready, and they broke up.  Fast forward to four years, Sean is visiting his brother in Virgin River and just so happens runs into Franci.  Sean had weakly attempted to contact Franci six months after their breakup and couldn’t locate her.  Surprise, Franci changed her phone number and moved close to Virgin River with her 3 ½ year old daughter and her mother.  Of course, Sean is the father of Rosie, and he had no clue that Franci was pregnant.

At times, I wanted to discipline Rosie.  She was a little smart ass to be a toddler.   Now, Sean sees himself as a family man – as if four years makes such a difference.  Sean’s mother has a cameo appearance, and she appears to be a nosy parent.  She immediately chastises her son for not doing his manly duties and marrying Franci when she was pregnant – hello – he didn’t know that she was pregnant!   It’s not as if Sean was a teenager.  He is in the military and flies special helicopters.

I just found this to be choppy and the plot did have so much potential.  Many of the favorite characters were present in this book but had little input.


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