Creation in Death (In Death #25)

Creation in Death

By JD Robb

4 Stars

The In Death series never fails me.  Even at book 25, I am still engaged.  I love all of the characters, especially Eve and Roarke.  Although the cases are familiar, sometimes it takes me through half of the book to determine who the murderer was.  9 years ago, a case of Eve’s and Feeney was never resolved.  Both felt like a failure and are more determined than ever to bring the killer to justice.  This time the case is close to home.  The killer purchased expensive sheets, shampoo, and soap from companies that Roarke owns.  To make matters worse, the women that are abducted are employees of Roarke.  Roarke feels responsible for the loss of lives.  Of course, Eve brings in Roarke to help solve the case.

It has been a while since I have rea this series.  I missed all of my favorite characters and the angst between Eve and Roarke.   The narrator is excellent.  This is an easy and fun read!   The reason that I gave this a 4 star is due to the numerous serial killers that Eve has gone after.  I would like to see a variety of investigations.  There were also some areas that were extremely slow.  Of course, I will continue with this long series!


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