Hawaiian Healing (Hawaiian Heartbreak #2)

Hawaiian Healing

By Libby Cole

3.75 Stars

This is the second book in the Hawaiian Heartbreak  trilogy.  While there were some character building, I really enjoyed reading about the scenery in Hawaii.  I have never been but plan on going someday.  I enjoyed reading about Jay and Kayla’s adventure zip lining and snorkeling.   This couple appeared to be slap happy with little angst.  However, this feeling of bliss can only last so long.   These two are young adults and have feelings for each other.  I highly recommend that you read book one before reading this one since book 2 begins where book 1 (Hawaiian Heartbreak) leaves off .  Although this is a novella, the author leaves nothing out.  However, in order to find out the ending of this love story, the reader is required to read book 3.

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.


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