The Hero (Thunder Point #3)

The Hero

3.50 Stars

The Hero is book 3 of Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series.  I have really enjoyed this series so far but found that this one was lacking for me.   I would have liked more character building of Spencer and possibly Devon.  I found Devon’s predicament to be unbelievable.   She did not appear to me to have recently left a commune.   I did enjoy learning more about Rawley who has been in the last two books.    It was nice to see that Rawley had a pre-made family.  Devon and her daughter softened old Rawley who quickly embraced the two as his own.

Devon and her 3 year old daughter fled from a commune where she realized that she was in danger.  Rawley just happened to be driving and spotted the two.  He took them to Thunder Point where he gave Devon and the tot a place to live.  Like several other Thunder Point residents, Devon was immediately welcomed and met Spencer, who was recently widowed.

Spencer was introduced in the last book, and before his wife passed away they found out that their son wasn’t Spencer’s.  Spencer moved to Thunder Point to take the head coach position at the local high school.  This move also put Spencer and his son close to Cooper, who was recently told that Austin was Cooper’s.   Spencer certainly wasn’t looking for love so soon after his wife’s death.    With Spencer’s help, Devon began to slowly put her life back together.

I love Robyn Carr and will definitely continue with the series.  I want to learn more about the citizens of Thunder Point.


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