The Deal (Off Campus #2)

The Deal

4 Stars

By Elle Kennedy

This is my second book by Elle Kennedy, and I am really enjoying her writing style.  Although her characters are young, this is by no means a YA book.  There are some detailed adult scenes that really isn’t meant for high schoolers, in my opinion.  What got me engrossed in this book the most is that it isn’t all about sex but does have some important growing up lessons.  John  Logan can have any girl that he wants, but he is honing in on freshman Grace.  There is an air of seriousness when Logan is looking at his bleak future after graduation.  He has some very important decisions to make, and one includes Grace.   He can either play professional hockey or be stuck running his dad’s garage.

I was a little worried about listening to this book.  However, the narrator was excellent, and didn’t sound or appear to be younger.  This was an excellent follow up to book 1 in the series, which is The Deal.  This book could be a stand-alone, but several of the secondary characters were in book 1.  I will definitely check out more book by Elle Kennedy.


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