It’s in his kiss (Book 7 Bridgertons)

It's in his kiss

3 Stars

I have really enjoyed the Bridgertons series up until this book.  It pains me to only give this one a 3 stars.  I so wanted to like Hyacinth’s story more than I did.  There were so many side stories that the reader would surmise that more would happen at the conclusion; sadly it did not.  There were several supporting characters that could have really developed into a different ending.

There were a couple of conflicts in this book.  The main conflict between Gareth and Hyacinth was rather boring and lackluster.  I did not find their love scenes to be endearing but rather more confusing.  I loved the first few books of this series.  Even though this was not my favorite book, I will continue with the series to see how well the other characters are developed.


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