Final Lap (Fast Track #8) by Erin McCarthy

Final Lao

3 stars

This is the final installment of the Fast Track Series.  While I really enjoyed the early books in this series, the last couple of books have fallen flat for me.  This series focused on the men and women of  stockcar racing, aka NASCAR and all are fictional characters.   Although this is book 8, it could easily be a stand- alone book.

Harley and Charity are twins and can be construed as the good twin/bad twin syndrome.  Harley has had a crush on Cooper for several years.  In a desperate attempt to have a man (especially Cooper) look at her, Harley decides to trade places for one day with her sexy twin Charity.  After an evening of sexual bliss, Harley leaves Cooper under the disguise as Charity.

Cooper is acting guardian for his 12 year old sister, and has begged to hire Harley as a nanny.  Cooper is confused when he begins to have feelings for the “Nanny” since he was under the impression that he slept with her twin Charity.   The happy ending to this long series is that Harley and Charity both get their dream men in the end.  I just wish that the final book would have been more action around the track rather than around the bedroom.


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