The Newcomer By Robyn Carr

4.5 Stars

This series is quickly becoming my favorite.  Book 2 was even better than book 1, and I didn’t think that was possible.   I do suggest that book 1 is read first, because this book does tie up quite a bit of loose ends.  There are a couple of stories going on, which I really liked.  Supporting characters also had a role.

The primary story was Mac and Gina’s.  This couple had been best friends for years and finally has gotten together.  Mac’s ex-wife comes to town requesting to see their children.  Since she has not been around for 10 years, the kids and Mac really aren’t interested.  Another side story was Gina’s daughter Ashley who had a major meltdown over a boy.  This story was so real and a little scary.  Ashley also met her biological dad, Erick.  Ashley is one strong young lady.

Sara and Cooper, who were the main characters in book 1, continued with their story.  Pressure from Sara’s job created issues along with one of Cooper’s ex. girlfriends.  This issue created a life changing event for both Sara and Cooper.  Sara’s brother Landon and Mac’s daughter became much closer.

Robyn  Carr always ensures that her characters are well developed, and the story is always so real.  I can almost smell the surf and the sea sitting on the deck of Cooper’s little pub.   This is such a heartwarming book.  I can’t wait until I get to book 3.

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