Remember When

Remember When

4.5 Stars

When I first began reading this book, I experienced a Deja vu moment. I distinctly remembered the storyline but knew that I had never read this.  Even the characters were familiar to me.  Granted I do read a substantial amount by Nora Roberts (aka, JD Robb).  Moving forward to part II of the book, which I had not read, I realized that this was actually two novellas combined to form Remember When.  Part I was published in 2003 entitled “Hot Rocks” and was published under Nora Roberts, and Part II was originally called “Big Jack and published in 2010 as a stand- alone.  Confusing – VERY!

Part I was originally not part of the In Death series by JD Robb. This is the beginning of the story of the main character, Laine Tavish’s life.  We meet Laine who now owns her own antique Store called none other than Remember When.  This section describes her life as a child with her notorious con-man father.  Part II begins some fifty years later.  This is where the reader will meet up with all of the In Death series characters, primarily Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke.  Eve is called to a murder case that happens to center around Laine’s granddaughter, thus the combination of the two novellas.

While this book certainly does not have to be read in order and one can read both Hot Rocks and Big Jack separately, it was fun to read at once to see Laine’s life progress. I love the In Death series and slowly but surely will finish all of the books.  This series is fun, quirky, and extremely fast to read.  Although I read the eBook, normally I listen to these on audio.  The narrator is awesome!  I may have to go back and listen to this one at a later date!

I thought about giving this book 5 stars but decided on 4.5 since I was not aware that the two parts were actually two separate novellas. The eBook did not state this.  Only after I read part I did I decide to do a little sleuthing on my own.


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