The Bourbon Kings by JR Ward

The Bourbon Kings by JR Ward

4.25 rounded to 4 stars

This book started out slow for me but quickly picked up.  There were times that I was bogged down with too many details on Bourbon distilleries, grounds, and southern charm.  I am from the south and some of the slang was incorrect.  However, I am not holding any of that against this book.

If you are looking for a book that is similar to Black Dagger Brotherhood, this one isn’t it.  However, this was a very contemporary read and read more in the line of a mystery.  Some of the plot did remind me of the show Dallas back in the day.  However, the Baldwine’s can’t compare to the Ewings.  Each family member has major issues and demons that they are fighting against.  The book did dive into each of the siblings as well as their father.  The main characters in this book were Lizzie King and Lane Baldwine.  Lizzie is the senior horticulturalist who works for the Baldwine’s.   She and Lane were a hot item two years prior until he married someone else.  Now, he is called back home due to an emergency.  Unfortunately for Lane, the emergency goes from bad to unstoppable.

I will definitely continue with this series even though book 2 isn’t scheduled until July 2016.  I just hope that I don’t forget what happened in this one until then.  There is a cliffhanger at the end, which I normally hate.   Mysteries are rather new for JR Ward, and I would definitely like to see more.



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