4 stars

This is book one of Vampires in America.  I enjoyed getting to know Raphael and Cyn and this world.  There wasn’t much of a description of the main characters, and I’m hoping that other books in the series will give more detail.  Raphael is a vampire lord, and Cyn is a kick ass ex. cop turned P.I. Alexandria, a ward of Raphael’s has been kidnapped and he will stop at nothing to find her.  In this world, humans understand that their are vampires among their mist but don’t associate publicly with each other.

It is most unusual for Cyn to be asked to help in this investigation.  Raphael and Cyn’s relationship begins as purely professional and ultimately ends up much further.  Cyn will not be told what to do by anyone, especially by a bloodsucker (her own words!).

I am really interested in seeing where these two end up and am looking forward to other supporting characters books as well.


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