First off let me say that I enjoy Maya Banks’ as an author and have read several of her books.  Unfortunately, this was not one of them.

I hate Gabe – what an asshat and Jace isn’t much better. I mean how many brothers call their sister baby girl – that made my stomach churn. Mia fantasized about being with Gabe for several years, and the only way into his life is by signing her life away. She is willing to do this in order to be with a man 14 years older than her and the real kicker is that Gabe is not only her brother’s business partner but is also one of his best friends. Jace adores Mia – hence the baby girl line. At times, she reminds me of a kid – oh wait she basically is….

50 Shades meet your contender.

I am moving on and not looking back. This is one series that I am gladly marking off of my list! Pass the eye bleach please!!


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