The City by Dean Koontz




Thanks to Net Galley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

It has been a long time since I read anything by Dean Koontz. At first glance, this book sounded very interesting, and I was looking forward to reading it. However, it is one of those books that you look back on and ask why? Why did it linger and what was the main focus? While this book had some outstanding quotes, it did linger and dealt heavily with music and music history. 

The book spanned over Jonah Kirk’s lifetime but was in truth a three year story of a boy coming of age and growing up too fast. The narrator was 11 year old Jonah but told when he was in his 50’s. Jonah came from a music gifted family, and he was no different. At 11, he wanted to be a piano man and could play any song just after hearing it once. 

As the reader progresses in The City, we are introduced to many characters, some important and some not so much. Most of these characters simply exist in The City in order to bring the fear factor up a notch but not enough to keep the reader entertained.

Koontz does leave the reader with a soft spot for Jonah who takes the good with the bad throughout the book while sharing life experiences that few people ever have.


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