Trial By Fire (Firefighters of Station 5 #1) Read 3/5


By Jo Davis

4.75 *

My Review

This is book one of the series – Firefighers of Station 5. This is one of a few books that pulled me in from page one and didn’t let me go until the last word. It was a fast paced thriller romance that was sizzling. If you don’t feel comfortable reading explicit sexual scenes, you should either skip those parts or consider not reading it. It leaves nothing to the imagination. I for one loved the writing and the storyline. All of the characters were very real and worked very well in the story.

Howard’s childhood was extremely abusive by the hand of his father. When he was four, his father beat him and left him for dead in the woods. He was rescued by a loving couple and now is in his thirties. Howard is a lieutenant for the local fire department and is caught in the middle of a deadly game. When Kat McKenna’s neighbor’s house catches on fire, she bravely attempts to extinguish it with a garden hose. Howard and Kat connect and the story begins….

I loved Howard and Kat and their chemistry. I also loved all of the other supporting characters, such as Howard’s adopted parents as well as the other guys and lady at the firehouse. Nothing is like hot firemen! Howard, aka six pack, to his firefighting buddies, is well buffed. Kat is one lucky lady! Although I guessed who the culprit was during the middle of the book, it was fun seeing how the writer wrapped the thriller up in a nice big bow. I will definitely continue with this series.


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