One Shot (Jack Reacher #9) Read 2/28





By Lee Child


My Review

Although this is the 9th book in the series, Jack Reacher books don’t necessarily have to be read in order. Don’t expect these books to be thought provoking or even believable at times. However, they are good reads and enjoyable. Child’s books typically include some type of sniper and heavy action. Sometimes the plot tends to drag but does quickly pick up. The writing style is unique and leads the reader on an adventure. Although I am not particularly a Tom Cruise fan, the book was made into a move in late 2012 and of course, I had to watch to see if the movie was anything like the book. I will let you decide the fate of the movie on your own accord.

Six shots were fired at an office building and five people are now dead. All evidence leads to one sniper who adamantly claims that he is innocent and to contact Jack Reacher. Reacher is already on his way as he is also looking for this particular man. Of course, Reacher’s arrival is a game changer and the adventure is on.


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