The Viscount Who Loved Me – Read 2/14



By Julia Quinn


My Review

I have always enjoyed Julia Quinn’s writing. This book was no exception. I would have given this a 5* if the beginning of the book was as good as the middle and end. The beginning was slow, and I wasn’t sure if I would like it. It quickly picked up, and I enjoyed meeting Anthony and Kate. I would have loved to see more of the actual historical period, other than dances. Even though Anthony was a rake with a sexy past, he was extremely loveable – who doesn’t love a gorgeous rake! Kate and Anthony’s relationship was initially turbulent but soon quickly turned into romantic suspense.

It was obvious how much that he loved her even though he swore that he would never love a wife. His parents were so close and loving meant eventually having to say goodbye in his eyes. I loved how he and his family are so close and how he took over at the age of 18 when his dad suddenly passed away from a bee sting. I will definitely seek out more book by this author and hope that there are more to come with this family and their close friends.


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